Kemnath-Neustadt Bahnhof - Kemnath, Germany
La Semilla de Los Ingenios - Los Ingenios, Mexico
Stegaurach Senior Housing - Stegaurach, Germany
Bornhofen Architekten (Architekt of Record)
Regnitz Island 2 - Bamberg, Germany
Bornhofen Architekten (Architekt of Record)

Wakefield Architects is an international practice that specializes in sustainable planning, design, construction administration, and preservation.

Founded in the USA in 2008 and now based in Germany, we work on projects around the world.

According to Vitruvius, good architecture is composed of three simple principles: sturdiness (firmatis), usefulness (utilitas), and beauty (venustatis).

Critical analysis, integrated project delivery, and follow-through - rooted in Vitruvian principles - is the hallmark of our work.

Our design team, in addition to licensed architects, is comprised of independent engineers and design specialists who are recognized by their peers as experts in their field around the world.

Together with our clients we seek to integrate poetic solutions that are also pragmatic in response to climate, site, user needs, context, constructability, and - ultimately - the maintenance & operation of a project over its lifespan and beyond.